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All Spaulding Law Gun Trusts are meticulously drafted by expert attorneys who understand the firearm laws in your state.

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Firearm Trusts

Quick Draw Gun Trust

Spaulding Law will create your customized Gun Trust for purchasing, owning and transferring NFA firearms (such as machine guns, suppressors, etc) that will help you avoid committing unintended felonies, tracking down a CLEO and better protect your privacy.

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The attorneys at Spaulding Law are happy to help you with your Gun Trust. A Gun Trust (also known as an NFA Trust, NFA Gun Trust or Firearms Trust) is one of the best methods of purchasing, owning and transferring Title II (NFA) firearms which include:

  • Machine guns (and their parts)
  • Suppressors (‘silencers’)
  • Short-barreled rifles
  • Short-barreled shotguns
  • Destructive devices
  • AOWs (‘Any Other Weapons’)

Gun Trusts provide a great a way to avoid the headache and hassle of tracking down a CLEO (‘chief law enforcement officer’) that is willing to help you get the signature, fingerprints, and photographs you’ll need in order to purchase your NFA firearms if you choose not to create a Gun Trust. A properly drafted Gun Trust can offer you many additional benefits including:

  • An easy and intuitive way of allowing other people to use your NFA firearms without the risk or fear of being arrested for a felony
  • Possible avoidance of multiple payments of $200+ firearm possession transfer taxes
  • Privacy of your personal identity from CLEO and other law enforcement and government agencies
  • Focused provisions which handle the unique issues of owning firearms in your state
  • Trust language which is easy to read and understand
  • Provisions that help avoid unintended felonies and other civil and criminal penalties
  • Instructions on transfer and handling of firearms upon death and disability
  • Probate avoidance, and much more

Unfortunately, there are many “gun trusts” out there that are offered by gun stores and inexperienced lawyers that are simply not well crafted, or are just some run-of-the-mill, generic trust form with the word “gun” in it. These “gun trusts” are often created by individuals who lack the proper experience to recognize the potential hazards and risks which their “gun trusts” create. Often these “gun trusts” are not specifically tailored for the states in which they are being used. Your Gun Trust must be more than just a form in which you or some sketchy lawyer fills in a name and date. BEWARE that not all gun trusts are created equal and some may actually do you and your family much more harm than good. With Spaulding Law, you get the confidence and peace of mind you need in knowing that your Gun Trust has been carefully tailored to your particular firearms, family and circumstances, by true professionals who are licensed, trained, and experienced in creating Gun Trusts.

All Spaulding Law Gun Trusts have been meticulously drafted by expert attorneys who understand the firearm laws in YOUR state. If you choose the option of meeting directly with one of our attorneys (which we strongly suggest), your attorney will have extensive experience not only in Gun Trusts, but also in other types of trusts and asset protection planning. Your attorney will help you understand the whole process, explain the Gun Trust to you in a way in which you will understand, and help you avoid the many risks and hazards inherent in firearm possession, protection and transfer.