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Spring Has Sprung

Thursday, 3 March 2016

by Staff, Spaulding Law

Spring has sprung. Just look around and you can’t miss it! Birds are chirping in the trees and chasing one another through the sky. The sun wakes up earlier and retires ever later. Children will soon get restless for summer break, and the NCAA tournament is just around the corner. On the business side of spring, it’s almost time for spring cleanup—time to get the sprinklers tuned up for a hot summer--time to get to all those leaves swept under the first big snow--time to put away the sleds and the skis and get the mower tuned before everyone wants it done all at once. It’s at once exhausting and invigorating--a delightful time of year, because it’s still cool enough that sometimes it’s downright cold, but the air is moving--the incessant inversion is gone, and everyone knows that comfortable, jacket-free weather, hike-in-the-mountains, boating-at-the-lake weather is just around the corner. Yes, although there may yet be a snowstorm or two in the forecast, the worst is behind us and the best is just ahead.

Springtime hints of new and fresh and young. Springtime inspires. "Younger than springtime" is a favorite chorus line from a Broadway musical because spring rings with new life and new beginnings.

This spring, some will look at the yard and think it’s time to fertilize so the lawn gets green more quickly. Like with a lawn and in other things, some choose to invest in the prospects of a quicker return, while others do not, choosing simply to metaphorically “water the lawn” and hope for the best. And for those who fertilize, some products have additional preventatives included so that weeds don't even have a chance to germinate, which may cost a little more upfront but can provide a better result and save some work with a hand-held weed sprayer later in the summer.

Starting a new business is a lot like getting ready for summer. Investing a little bit of time and money on the front end as things get set up, and engaging professionals who understand things like business structure, contracts and even the tax side of investing, can prevent a lot of “weeding" during the "summer months" when things get interesting or even a little “hot” when one might otherwise be enjoying the fruits of earlier labors. As they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, and unfortunately in business, as in lawn care, there is potential for weeds. Matters involving state and local government licenses and regulations, business contracts and, sadly, opportunistic and dishonest people can really distract from otherwise profitable ventures. To extend the metaphor, without professional help, it is sometimes hard to discern between a weed and a plant early, especially in the springtime of a business opportunity.

Neglecting the details and deciding to save a little on the front end by neglecting the basics, or relying on public information found online, can be a lot like just watering the lawn. Who has not heard about the aspiring business that faced too late the crucial truth that something as simple as a misunderstood sentence in a consulting or supply contract may cause or prevent a critical cancellation, resulting in a significant disadvantage and loss at the wrong time? Who has not heard of the loss of control of a business to a greedy partner or the filings of bankruptcy simply because of a broken handshake promise? Talk about April showers! Solid and experienced legal advice is rarely free, however, like a good lawn maintenance program, it can save time, effort and even money in the long run, particularly when someone is putting in the effort to building something valuable and something that will last.

A solid, healthy and enjoyable lawn doesn’t just happen, and neither does a strong, vibrant and profitable business venture. Both are rewarding and both take some thought, preparation and, yes, a little investment in the basics, up front and early—during the springtime. Yes, spring has finally sprung. Here’s to a great summer, notwithstanding the heat!

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