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Monday, 12 October 2015

by Erin McAllister, Paralegal


  1. the act or process of preparing
  2. the state of being prepared; readiness
  3. a measure done in order to prepare for something; provision: to make preparations for something.
    synonyms: devising, putting together, drawing up, construction, composition, production, getting ready, development, arrangements, planning, plans, preparatory measures.
Paul Theroux once observed “Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.” Preparation for what? Perhaps we are burying the old year in anticipation of the new. Or maybe we are turning over a new leaf in anticipation of changes or progress. Our preparation should fall into two categories: Preparation for things we want and preparation for things we wish to avoid. Everyone would enjoy an interesting job, a loving family, good health, and a comfortable retirement at the end of their life. Most people would like to avoid catastrophes such as natural disasters, illnesses, financial hardships and emotional turmoil. How do we sort through the experiences and choices that face us daily and gravitate to the opportunities that we have hopefully been preparing for?

“Sharpening the axe” can be likened to preparation. We can fill our lives with experiences and moments that will prepare us for the opportunities and calamities that await us. Education, meditation, interpersonal relationships and hard work can refine us and increase our wisdom for the choices that lay before us. Our success is dependent on our preparation and there is no short cut to success. It is found in preparation and determination. Our time of preparation will most likely be much longer than our achievement or the enjoyment of our spoils. Some misfortune and difficulty will come into everyone’s life, sometimes because of our lack of preparation and sometimes because of happenstance. How we face and deal with the situations that are placed before us will determine our success and happiness.

The ability to overcome and move forward will largely depend on our preparation and willingness to change our path when obstacles arise. Change can be frightening, paralyzing and numbing. However, it can also be exhilarating, satisfying and motivating. Most growth and success come when we choose to confront change and the things we fear. Even in our failures, we learn and grow. The secret to success is that there is no secret. It is a by-product of years of preparation, hard work and learning from failures. Maybe the real secret is that preparation is a life-long pursuit.

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